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What I learned through Max Burgers about The Human Element #MVO (social sustainability)

When I saw this video yesterday during the Max Burgers presentation, I though, waauw, this might be the answer to my question.  Max Burgers says their- I think they called it location manager- is crucial to their organization and that they are trained in The Human Element. They use it to shape the fourth system condition.

It is difficult to explain, but the way in which Pär Larsens introduced the concept and the great social sustainability the company breaths, makes me want to know more about the method. Is it possible to use it to make groups of students more cooperative and more “productive” as it comes to learning. I’ll figure that one out one day, but not today anymore.  And off course I’ll start at their website. Great the availability of information!

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  1. Maikel Andelbeek 20 april 2012

    Great concept! I really think that putting groups of students together following this concept might help, but it also requires a lot of knowledge of the different students, so it might not be applicable for all courses/teachers.

    Anyway, this might help me in the future when I’m putting teams together, so thanks for the video! 😉

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