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Make an inventory of the current CSR actions and their results/indicators using ISO 26000/GRI #lesvoorbereiding #Rennes (part2)

At April 1st and 2nd,  I’ll be teaching classes in Rennes. As part of the module: Corporate sustainability reporting. It is really helpful that I can use all the material and preparations of my colleague who went last year.

The students will have to hand in an assignment at the end. Evaluating a company’s annual sustainability report using GRI and ISO standards/integrated reporting. The company will be assigned by the teaching staff.

The second question on the assignment is:

  • Make an inventory of the current CSR actions of the company and their results/indicators using ISO 26000/GRI.

The subquestions are:

  • Name the core subjects.
  • Choose 2 issues per core subject where the company takes actions.
  • Describe the actions.
  • Describe which indicators the company uses or should use to report on those actions.
  • Assess again if you trust the why of the company

Therefor I’ll:

  • Explain the origin of ISO26000
  • Explain the content
    • Principles with an emphasis on ethical behavior.
    • Core subjects
    • The link with issues and actions
    • Indicators and the link with GRI

The origin and use of ISO 26000. (10 min)

The powerpoint presentation covers:

  • What is ISO
  • The use of ISO/management systems
  • What is ISO 26000isochart
  • The use of ISO 26000

Principles of social responsibility – How to behave sustainable (20 min)

csr-hr-iso26000-human-responsible-management-23-728with an emphasis on the ethical behavior of accountants.

The powerpoint presentation covers:

  • Explaining the principles.
  • Emphasis on ethical behaviour
    • How do you show/proof that you are behaving ethical?
    • Case: Ethical dilemma
    • Explaining ethical behavior, ethical values (general).
    • Code of ethics Professional Accountant (specific), their checklist ethical dilemma.
    • Applying the checklist to the ethical dilemma.

Guidance on social responsibility core subjects – What to do. (5 min)

This video explains briefly the core subjects:

  • Organisational governance
  • Human rights
  • Labour practices
  • Environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development

The link with issues/actions and GRI (10 min)

The powerpoint presentation covers:

  • Explaining what issues/actions and GRI are.
  • Shoving examples of the linkage between core subjects/issues/actions/indicators. There is a separate document for the last linkage.

Time to go to work (60 min)

The students are going to prepare slides of their presentation answering question 2.

Finishing up this part ( 20 min)

3 groups of students present their slides. I’ll provide feedback.

What to take with me:

  • Powerpoint

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