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What I learned from Pär Larsens about Max Burgers. #MVO

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see Pär Larsens in action. I got the invitation through @tensorSustainable. And I went. Not because of The Natural Step or The Human Element. But because I wanted to see “with my own eyes” how a burger chain can be sustainable.  My background experience: With third year students (accountancy, business economics) we look at  MacDonald’s. We look (pro and contra on the internet) what is out there about the sustainability of the company. During that process we use ISO 26000 as a tool. We end up discussing whether GRI is helpful or not.

Pär Larsens told us about Max Burgers, the product, their sustainability, their successes. (i.e. market share, profitability, consumer preferences,free publicity). A fascinating story.

Because you were not there, I found you this video. To give you a taste of the story. Of course you can look at the website of the company and The Natural Step case study. (with also links to other great video’s). I have not found the sustainability report. I’m curious…

Summarized: I’ve enjoyed the story, the passion when social sustainability came to the table (Like many others I liked Lars after just a few minutes watching). And I believed Pär Larsen and his story. But I could not go home and only take with me the original sustainability idea’s. I need to learn more.  So I’ll separately blog about: The natural Step and the Human Element.

By the way, Max in Holland is a business opportunity. Anyone interested, call Max.

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