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This week twice in my Twitter-Timeline: People don’t care how much you know until they know about how much you care #leiderschap. And I wonder, how much do I care about education, being an educator? How do you show that you care? Reflecting on it, I realize I care a lot about what education could be.
And what do I see when I say :”what education could be”. I call in the help of some others to explain:
Zoe Weil formulates a great vision for the purpose of schooling (min 4.22 ) in her speech: The world becomes what you teach.

At the end of the speech she dwells on the idea of how we can use the creative ideas students have to make changes now. She has that in common with this lady: Jane McGonigal. I’m not a gamer, but she convinced me that epic win’s (min 2-3) are what I want in the classroom. And just like her, I want to use the brainpower of the students now to make a contribution to the world around school.

Add to that the importance of together and using that force (peer instruction).

And you have the words I care about: future world, epic wins, using brainpower now, together.

And HOW am I going to achieve that. Today, Twitter provided me with inspiration on that one, step 3 (min 8.10) in this presentation from Khan Academy.

And just 5 minutes ago, I got an idea on where I’m going to try to implement it. And I realize, that is how I show I care, by keep on trying.

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